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Brand identity – How far do you go?

I have been working on many projects since my last post (I hope to start writing more) and I have been lead for one particular project that has had some questionable decisions for their brand identity.

How far should you go to preserve the brand?

I have worked on some websites that have done the usual brand guidelines specifying to the very pixel of how a logo should be shown and what colours are allowed to be near it etc. One thing I have alway taken for granted is that the logo or name would always be prominent, until now.

The project I am working on is a portal, a section of a main site that lets the user do a specify task and this portal has its’ own name but for some reason the marketing team behind it have decided they won’t be showing the name anymore and I find this odd.

In the past there have been promotional items created to launch this portal and it is a big thing so why lose the name on the website?

Having a name suggests people relate to it and know it by name, by removing it then we remove this attachment.

I wold love to hear why people think this is a good thing as I cannot think of one thing that could be good as it means this portal now becomes part of the main site and the trouble with that is there are other portals with names.

It will be lost in the main brand yet be in a section all on its own.