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Flow FTP from Extendmac free giveaway

If you use a Mac and use FTP for any reason then you should be using Flow from Extendmac.

Flow is an FTP program that is simple to use and has excellent features.
I am a little bias as I use it all the time, however I have used many other FTP programs and Flow just seems to work.

The interface is what you would expect from Mac software, it is clean, sleek and a little bit whizzy. Add a new bookmark and you will see what I mean by whizzy, the panel slides in and lets you add the necessary details for your website FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 or MobileMe iDisk servers. Transfer a file and the transfer panel slides in showing the progress and when finished it slides back.

Want to edit some files on your site directly?

I use this feature all the time, not only can you use the inbuilt text editor to edit html, php or any other text based files you can also set it to open files in your favourite editor. I edit my php files using Dreamweaver (don’t worry I use it as a glorified text editor) directly from the server and each time I save the file it shows a quick Growl notification to let me know it was saved. I can then view the site and the change has happened.

Need to see what image is what on the server?

You can with ease by simply clicking on the QuickLook button, it pops up a preview and you can view the image.

My favourite part of Flow is using Droplets. Droplets allow you to use a bookmark as a icon that is stored on your Mac. As an example I put a droplet into my working folder for a website. Then instead of having to launch Flow each time I want to upload a file I can drag the file onto the Droplet and it uploads the file for me.  A progress bar pops up to let me know it has worked even for multiple files.

I have only mentioned a few features that I particularly like but there are so many neat features that you need to try it yourself.

For one lucky reader I am fortunate enough to have a spare copy of Flow that Brian from Extendmac is allowing me to giveaway.

The Competition

To win a copy of Flow simply Tweet this article making sure you have @thefunkhouse in your tweet so I know you have done it.

Here is an example tweet you could use:

RT @thefunkhouse Flow FTP for Mac from @extendmac Free Giveaway: A funky FTP program for mac that is so useful

If for any reason you do not use Twitter please leave a comment below stating how useful Flow would be for you. Please do not leave short comments that mean nothing, they will not be entered into the competition.

The winner will then be randomly chosen from all of those who participate.

The closing date is 18th March 2010 at 1pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)


The winner will be notified on Twitter and I will also leave a comment below. The winner will then need to email me using the contact form leaving their Full name and email address so the license can be issued from Brian at Extendmac.

Good luck!