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Future of Twitter

Twitter is extremely popular but not amongst developers.  When Twitter exploded into the public domain it was not just down to what Twitter is used for but what 3rd party developers were creating with it’s API. You only have to do a quick search for Twitter apps and you will find there are many to choose from. The problem faced by these apps is that Twitter is now putting a cap on how much they can use the API.  I like to use 3rd party apps like Osfoora and like many others I don’t necessarily like to use the official Twitter app.  I find the app to be very cumbersome and a lot of the apps new features have been on 3rd party apps for ages.

Many are moving to new upcoming solutions like but I don’t like the idea of moving to a paid solution not because of the money but because the everyday user won’t pay for something like this when there are free solutions.

So what do we do and what is the future of Twitter?

I cannot say for sure, Twitter is a very popular tool and nothing else seems to be come close at the moment. Google+ for me is just not got the right following, it seems to be more popular with those in the I.T industry which is great if you are into that but if you are a local business then this is not for you (yet). Many are trying but I am not sure how successful they are.

For the time being I will still be using Twitter but I will be keeping my eye out for any new solutions.