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Google images

A question that i brought up many months ago has come back again and that is using Google images for traffic. I have a site that has images of the Playstation 3 and it brings the site a fair amount of traffic.

Google images is something i myself use a lot to get inspiration on sometimes or if i need to show sometihgnto someone for an explanation it is a good source.

When you use Google images do you ever look at the site? I think in my experience i don’t, i generally look at the image and move on.

Is there a way of using that traffic or is it something that if you get someone looking a the site it is a bonus?

Would it be better to block Google from indexing the images?

I think that blocking the images would be a bad idea unless it was causing you problems with the use of bandwidth. If the site is useful then you might find that users will look at the rest of the sit. It should be something you experiment with and you may be able to use it to your advantage.

For now i will be experimenting with the site and seeing how i can manage to get some traffic that stays on the site.