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Green hosting

Things have been very busy recently and I am getting much more involved with sites that are “green”. This has led me to look for a green hosting company.

Why Green?

I help run a children’s site dedicated to green things such as climate change and the environment, this has made me really look into how everything can be greener. At home I’m now recycling much more and I am using an energy monitor to see how much electricity is being used. I ownt go into all that right now but it I have been looking into finding a green hosting company. It does seem an odd request as surely data centres should be running an efficient as possible to save money but some aren’t. I am also looking for data centres that at least buy their energy from providers who use wind and solar energy. There are many hosting companies that are getting wise to this and are promoting they are green. Some however just say they offset their energy use by planting a tree. This I find quite amusing as planting a tree doesn’t do much at all. The tree will takes time to grow and won’t be of any effect for some time so in fact it is initially pointless. One site I found which made me laugh was that they made a point of stating they used recyclable coffee cups in their office. Oh that makes all the difference 🙂

There are a few sites that state they are selling green hosting which I have been looking into and I think on paper they look good but the thing that puts me off is that I have never heard of them. I much prefer it when I have been recommended to the company so at least I know someone has had a good experience with them. Do any of you know of a green hosting company?

Right now I’m looking into my existing host to see if they are green and in fact they have won some awards for trying to be green but they don’t buy their energy from any green providers they just try to reduce their energy usage. Is this enough do you think?

Would you go green? Is it something that if you saw on a site that they were using a green hosting company, it would interest you?

Would you expect a site providing a green product or service to be using a green host?

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  1. Aren’t recyclable coffee cups just china ones?! We use recyclable cups, bowls, plates, cutlery and glasses!

    As for green hosting, not something I’ve looked for. Although I do know of trees that will grow to over 2m within the space of a year if you need any suggestions 😉

  2. love it! haha it was certainly something that made me laugh when i read it 🙂

    after reading into it more i discovered that i would not go for a so called green host as most (not all) aren’t actually green. it is funny as they buy energy from the right place but don’t seem to be bother too much about reducing the amount of energy they use.

    where as the ones that don’t say they are green actually are! they try to save money by reducing the energy they use.