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AIS Sites

I have started anew category on the site to blog my progress with AIS (Automated Income Stream) sites. What is AIS? It’s a method of online revenue generation with minimal or no work involved once you have set it up. Sounds good, yes?

I knew quite a few people who dabble in this and make a few bucks evdry month. I’ve been testing the water for some time now but not really got things going so it is about time i did.

My first step was to finally take the plunge and sign up to Keyword Avalanche and I am very glad i did! if you sign up now you will get it at the cheap rate of $57 per month and in my opinion it is well worth it if you are intersted in making some money online.

It is full of people who are making money and sharing their ideas with all on the forum plus there are some great deals on software and other great goodies that can only be bought through the site at great prices. If you are a bit jubious about joining feel free to ask any questions 🙂

Whilst some of the sites i have built use Google Adsense I also use Clickbank to provide some related products that I can sell on the site. Both are well worh looking into and are free to signup and use.