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cognitive spatial geographic information systems

Wow what a phrase that is! its not something i would of ever thought i would be writing about, but as im busy writing my dissertation this is one topic i am investigating to compliment the ideas behind location based media.

Location based information systems allow the user to access information in relation to the user’s position in geographical space. Whether at a tourist site, sporting event or on an educational field trip,it provides the ability to deliver media direct to a user, depending on who they are, where they are and what they are looking at. Location is important because we as humans have spatial awareness. A topic that is very interesting and is beginning to become very popular is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Many organisations are getting together to examine the concepts of cognitive spatial geographic information systems to basically put geographic systems with our own spatial awareness together. It will be this cohesion of GIS and Locative media that i believe will the at the forefront of technology in the future. You might of heard of the mobile phone companies launching campaigns to allow the user to find certain shops and places depending on where you are. There is also more advanced ideas such as Semapedia which is a information service that is based on your location.

I found this Node that is beginning to introduce location based media to all sorts of ideas.