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Developing ideas

For this module i have had a few ideas of what to do.
My first idea was to extend a car racing game i made in flash by adding extra levels and power ups and basically tidy up all the code.
I’ve also thought about making an automated photo gallery in Flash with the possibility of using XML feeds. The idea wo9ulod be that the user can upload imaged and phots either one by one or in a batch andthe program would call a PHP file that thumbnails the images automatically. Then the user can choose form different themes that display the photos.

The final idea ive had recently is to make something for the Sony Aibo dog. This is something i need to look into more as it does really interest me.

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  1. With the Flash/php phot gallery ive been thinking about what it should do and what it needs to achieve.

    SOme of the features that come to mind initially are:

    Intelligent image pre-loading. So it loads the images and shows it onscreen as a visual.

    Intuitive image navigation to enable anyone to use the application.

    Customizable to allow the suer to make it their own personla sapce.

    With each viwing of the images that the user wants to display it should have extra ways of viewing them for example all the photos floating around the screen and having the comments shown when the user puts the mouse over it.

    It could also have a way to customise the way the photos are shown somehow maybe editng a text file or a special form.

    more to follow