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Entertainment products

With the Design for entertainment module I am taking we are thinking of a product. We began thinking of making a 3D version of Jenga which would of been promoted to pubs. We were thinking of making a data glove so that the user could actually play teh game by hand gestures.

This is something that has never been done before and it would of extended the great game of Jenga. We then went on to talk about making a brick that could be the prodcut that we could control to play the game. We came to the conclusion that this might be a little too adventurous for us to make and we began thinking about the actual product itself.

Recently Nintendo have been in the news a lot for this controller: The Revolution Controller whichlooks to be an awesome idea. As a team we are all very much into playing role playing games and one game we came accross which im sure many have heard of is the James Bond game Nightfire. On the XBOX you can play it using both the controller together and this got us thinking.

The idea of making a two handed controller

After much thought we have come accross the idea of making a controller that you have to use both your hands to use. The idea is to replace the analogue sticks on the standard controller with Gyroscopes. Just think of the possibilities.

We did consider making a controller for the PSP but it doesnt have any way of conecting to it to provide a controller, so we moved on to the 2 handed controller.