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When asked to give an example of “good gameplay” I instantly thought about FIFA STREET.

Fifa Street in game screenshot

As an avid football fan i really enjoy playing football games but Fifa Street was just different it plays so much better than the other football games that ive played before. Mainly because of the fast pace and action.
As you play the game you build up a metre which when it reaches the top give you the opportunity to unleash a very powerful shot. When this happens you get a real sense of excitement and apprehension. Although the shot gives you lots of power it’s not always guaranteed to be a goal, sometimes it smashes into the goalkeeper and flies out knocking the goalkeeper over.

Fifa Street character design

Another aspect of Fifa Street that i like is the way you can make a character and there are so many things that you change from hair to boots.

When I looked up “Gameplay” on google i go these definitions:

the way in which the gamer can interact with other elements in the game.

Ambiguous term for the total effect of all active game elements. Refers to the holistic game experience and the ability of the game to command the attention of the player.

Game play (or gameplay) includes all player experiences during the interaction with game systems, especially formal games. Proper use is coupled with reference to “what the player does”.

I like the second one as it seems to sum up what I feel gameplay is. Fifa Street seems to give me a feeling of excitement and enjoyment which I would say is good gameplay.

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  1. For me, gameplay combines 2 factors, usability and fairness. For a game to be usable, the controls should be logical, and work in a way that the user expects.

    Fairness should make the game feel like the user is making progress, and not being barred from doing something because it’s not the right time. For example, in Burnout 3, the game changes the number of cars on screen if the user is doing well so that the points are harder to come by. It’s a fine balance as in some instances, the user feels the game is cheating against them.

  2. Good gameplay is not something that can be summed up in a simple set of words, which is why game companies spend millions when creating new titles. Ideally, gameplay will make a game addictive.

    Tetris is probably the oldest example of a game that was so addictive several companies fought over the publishing rights. The more you can’t put down your controller or portable, the more likely you are going to tell your friends and the title will become a major success.

    This is why most new games are similar to old tried and tested formulas as game companies don’t have to worry if it will be a success or not. The sad fact is that originality is lost as the big players no longer want to risk their money on original ideas.

    Good gameplay comes from original ideas. Burnout, SSX and Grand Theft Auto are all examples of PS2 games that spawned a successful series as the gameplay was modern and original. We need more ideas and less clones of worn out and old concepts.

  3. I couldnt agree more, all the games that seem to be made now are just like the original games made many years ago. We do see some original games everynow and then but i think that the last original game that i can think of was Tomb Raider. That was quite a few years ago.

  4. The ability to take a person sitting down for a quick 30 minutes blast and not let them go until they stagger away, bleary eyed, at 4 in the morning not knowing where the past 7 hours went or if your wife will ever speak to you again.

  5. To me good gameplay will be about not focusing on the pad or buttons, but just focusing on your next move in the game. To be able to move and peform all actions without thinking. For the game to be responsive to the buttons pressed. Whereby the pad is an extension of my body!! Completely emersed in the game.