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Graffiti Language

The graffiti language is very hidden yet so in your face at the same time. You see graffit everyday on buildings, in toilets yet we don’t understand why its there. For most its eye sore, something that is disgusting and should be stopped.

Those new to graffiti probably know very little about its point and purpose, as graffiti writers aren’t particularly vocal about what they do. When we generally hear about graffiti it’s not usually in a good context it’s mostly about vandalism.

However we look at it, it is a part of a culture that will be around for some time. One link is the Hip Hop culture. An ever growing music trend it also invigorates those who are part of the culture to further their thoughts and engage in graffiti.

The style and position of the tags is very important to the one doing the tags it sends a message. For instance writing your own tag above another one would let the previous tagger know that you think you are better than they are. This of course is the beginning of a show down a fight for power. As urban space becomes increasingly limited due to competing claims upon that space, it is not surprising that people adapt by looking for, or creating, alternative forms of space, in effect adding new layers of density to the urban landscape. Such processes are evident in the formation of a visual density.