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New Flash game

Time Tumble  

Check out the free demo of Time Tumble a fast paced puzzle game made with Flash. 

Recently I have been developing a game in conjunction with Rogue. 
They handed me a brief to make a Flash game and supplied the graphics.

The game is a made up of a grid of balls tht you have to move around to line up the balls in rows or columns of three or more to get a new high score before the time runs out.

Using Actionscript only to keep the file size down i have made Time Tumble.

Initially a free demo is being released while i continue to develop the full version that will have power ups, time bonuses and many more addons to make the game much more exciting.
Take a look at the game and see for your self what can be achieved.
Look out for the Full version that will be released soon.

Time Tumble