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Search Engine Optimization

What is S.E.O ( Search engine optimization)?

The easiest way to explain it to say it is making your site good for search engihnes to read and to be worded in a way to be on the first few pages so that a user might be interested in looking at the site.

Search engine optimization is a major concern among web developers on the internet.

And whilst i dont have all the answers here is a quick check list of some of the things you could be doing to improve your rankings on the search engines:

Have a descriptive URL. For search engines urls with dashes are great as they treat them as spaces. So a url like accessible-flash-movies would be see as accessible flash movies. It would make it easier to buy domains with dashes in as they arent as popular.
A good place to get domains from is:

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  • Use keyword enriched titles on each page of the site.
  • Place keyword enriched description and keywords Meta tags on each page of the site.
  • Use robot.txt files to keep bots out of your shopping cart or log in pages where necessary.
  • Place keyword enriched text in the first paragraphs of your site-copy.
  • Write keyword rich content throughout the site. Using words from the title and description.
  • Put important keywords within content in bold.
  • If possible use header tags for titles.
  • Use keywords as link text.
  • Use HREF links to direct bots through each page of the site.
  • Add a sitemap page and be certain there is a link from the index page to the sitemap. This way the whole site is crawled using the links in the sitemap.
  • Be certain that geographic specific information is mentioned on each page of the site.
  • Always have a contact page that also lists geographic specific information.
  • Write a press release and send it to as many Blogs, News-wires and Press release sites as possible.
  • Acquire strong, relevant incoming links from sites with topics similar to yours.
  • Be sure to add the author meta tag as search engines do use this.
  • Update the site frequently.

These are just some of the basics.