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Time and Space

Ive been formualting many ideas for this module, one of them is to explore the idea of communication to think in technological terms of what happens when for instance a phone call is made. Whilst browsing the web i came accrss the Heineken Greenspace web site and I was very interested in the Two Things Video about exactly what i was talking about. On teh Greenspace site look at the Peoples section and look for the Twothings piece. On the Two Things web site look in the interactive section.

Further development has made me thing more about other communicaion devices and what they might do.

Combining my other ideas that i have posted about already I will be experimenting with these ideas to push the boundaries of Tme base media.

With the idea of using video with some Flash animation and to show the influence of David Hockney’s photography I will put together some example imagery very soon.