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Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, or “refer-a-friend,” email campaigns is when something is created and released in the hopes of it being passed along in an exponential pattern, growing and spreading from person to person. This is more powerful today because it is so easy to do with email and internet techniques.

There are certain things that will make a product or message a viral success.

The product or message should:
1. Be easy to spread
2. Be extraordinary and interesting
3. Make the host doing the viral spreading look cool or smart
4. Have a wide appeal

A successful viral marketing campaign will grow its audience with every touch. Each person that gets it should pass it on to at least two more people, until it reaches millions.

Ideas for Viral Marketing so far:

Free eBook that is interesting and new. If it has a wide enough appeal, it could spread to many readers.
This could be part of our critique and be handed out with our advertising within the ebook.

Funny video on the web that can easily be forwarded by email. We all love funny videos or animations so a simple clip can be easily passed on. This would also include a email to friend link on the page.

Mini game about the controller showing the movement that the user would have to do to controll it maybe?

Interesting site about viral marketing ideas: Seth’s site

and also Advert blog

Some good examples of pass it on viral marketing: madblast
I know you know other sites but you get the idea 🙂