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web tagger – abstract updated

Web TaggerThese days when people want to find something on the internet users will search using search engines like Google, msn and yahoo but why should we be seeing the sites they suggest? We see sites not because of their content but because of how the pages are structured to do well in the results. Pages are set up to generate traffic in turn this will hopefully get the owner revenue so why should they make their site any other way? Why do we always rely on the search engines to give us results? Why not have a program/system where “you” can say what you think of the site. Then others can use your thoughts to search for web sites. Many do it when you go to buy something you will look for what others think. In this way you can have a say too instead of letting Google give you only pages that fit its algorithm.

For those who have a disability wouldn’t it be nice if you saw a site that was really good and you could view the site with ease that you could “tag” it to let other know this. The other thing would be that if the site was not good for accessibility that the user could again tag it but say it was bad. Maybe then if the site was selected to be a bad site this could be put somewhere others could give there view on it too. Maybe this would make the owner do something about their site.

Maybe for instance there could be a special tag that registered users could use a tag for the RNIB people who are actually blind could tag the site saying it was good or bad. Wouldn’t it be better for actual users to let other know about the site rather than a group of representatives say the site is good or bad? I would expect that usually they don’t have any issues with accessibility themselves so why should they be given the choice to say the site is good or bad.

The user can then put their mark on the site by either using a recognised tag from an organisation or they can make up their own tag to give them their own personal view and right to let others know about their thoughts.

Other users could then search through the tags on a web site that could keep track of these tags a bit like blogs do.

The new web culture “Web Tagging” would be born.

Blogs and forums are no longer only possible on user’s web sites, users can leave their thoughts on any site they wish even the White House.