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Web Tagger – abstract

The internet is a web of communication and interaction.
With so much information to see users have to use search engines to find the information. The trouble with this is that the results are based on the certain algorithms that have been put together by the company who govern the results. This doesn’t reflect what we like or dislike, it is just results that have been set up to give us matches to keywords. What if there was a way to let other users know what you thought about a site when they were actually on it.
By encouraging social navigation on the web users will be able to communicate their thoughts directly to each other.
Graffiti in the real world is a very direct form of communication that sends very strong messages. Graffiti is very free and involves communities as well as those who come in contact with the messages on the walls.
Through the use of Graffiti users will be able to communicate with others which can provide much more than just search results that users have to wade through to get to the good content.

For example if a site is good for accessibility purposes then users could let other know by leaving a comment stating that. Then when you visit the site if that is of particular importance to you it would let you know the site was good or bad before you had started to navigate the site.
Amazon’s web site has a great feature that when you are looking at a product it will also let you what others had bought when they bought the same product they are viewing. Imagine the possibilities of having this on every web site you view. Blogs and forums are no longer only possible on users web sites, users can leave there thoughts on any site they wish even the White House.