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Web Tagger

Web Tagger

It encourages social interaction with personal views. Users are able to leave comments in the form of graffiti on any web sites through the use of the toolbar.The idea is that when it is more established that you will be browsing the net and you will have a live comment on the site you will be on letting you know what others think of the site.

For example if a site is good for accessibility purposes then users could let other know by leaving a comment stating that. Then when you visit the site if that is of particular importance to you it would let you know the site was good or bad before you had started to navigate the site.

There are pros and cons to this but its only in the beginning stages of development. I plan to improve the site and also enhance the toolbar.

Just like graffiti users can leave images or text on the sites but the graffiti is only visible if you have the toolbar installed. This is why it doesn’t affect privacy because if you don’t have the toolbar you don’t see anything.

One use is the social side of things is furthering the site to allow you to search through the graffiti to see what is good and bad. For now you can search for particular sites or users to see the graffiti.

Check out the white house web site and graffiti that with comments.

As this I s based on graffiti the idea is that users are able to leave what ever messages they want. Of course they will be checked if there are any particularly unsavoury images.

I hope that gives you more of a clue of what it is.