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web tagging

something that i have been thinking about recently is the idea of web tagging. By running a flash app and also having a running web site i would make an app that can essentially tag a site. The tags could be in different categories and you would have to give a reason for tagging the site. This would be live reviews on the site. There is also the possibilty of making javascript script to run with the firefox browser. You would make your own tag just like graffiti artists. As the user looks through web sites it would let you know that that site was in the database and you can read the review on that site. It could be used to let users know if the site is Accessible friendly.

To further the idea when the user tags thes ite they could either use some predifined tags or creat their own. This in itself would creat its own web culture.

I think i will try and build on this idea.