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The bigger picture

When reading magazines and tutorials online I’m always finding more often than not that they don’t take everything into account.
For example I was reading an article on designing templates for WordPress. It begun using Photoshop to design the site but what it didn’t think about was the in the design was it really any good.

Let me explain

The tutorial gave a final PSD for the user to see what was possible but in the design it used some funky design using hand drawn sketches which didn’t look too bad.
What was not considered was that the heading and dates etc used would not stretch as they were not made to. This is great if the user viewing the finished site use the exact same font size that they have set the site up to use but it is common for users to set their font size to be larger now and if they did this the site design would not work it could even become unusable in certain circumstances.

I feel this is very important when designing and making web sites.

In today’s Internet, web sites have to be more adaptive and take into account accessibility and usability more than ever especially when everything is much more socially interactive.

When these tutorials are written i know they are just trying to explain how to do their chosen topic, but i think they should at least hint at the fact, that when designing for the web things like this have to be considered else if you are building a site for “everyone” to use it could make more work for you. It would also give the user reading the tutorial something else that they know they should have some knowledge on.

I would also say this is the same for Schools, Colleges and Universities. If it wasn’t for the fact I was interested in finding out everything i could early on, I would never have come across accessibility or at least it might of been a pain to go back over what i had learnt again with these new things to think about.

It is not just about accessibility either, it is how we build web sites, how we build emails and usability. Speaking with friends and colleges that have been to University recently they were either taught how to make a site using tables and not show how divs work or vice versa. Then when making emails they don’t know how to use tables especially now Microsoft has made their Outlook go backwards in technology so it doesn’t use CSS as it used to.

To conclude, when building or designing a web site we need to make sure we consider everything. In my opinion it will make you better and having that knowledge will give you more to work on and more tools to use as you take it all into account.

Any way that is my rant over it is amazing what one tutorial can do 🙂

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  1. I totally agree. A lot of the tutorials that I have seen do not seem to take into account the differences in access that other people have.
    Another thing to consider is that over time a particular application that is demonstrated may have changed its appearance or processes. This is particularly a problem with training that is done using video. If it looks different that makes it much harder to follow.