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WordPress 2.5 good or bad?

With the latest WordPress about to be released (hopefully by the end of march) I was happy that they were finally going to move forward. WordPress has always given us more in each release but this version I am not so sure. In fact many are saying it I more of a sideways move than a move forward. The admin has been updated and I really feel it has actually gone backwards. For example the side bar boxes have been moved under the section where you write so making the page even longer than it was before not exactly great for usability in my opinion. To get more info head over to optiniche there is a lot more information there and there is no point for me to go over all the same information.

What I do want to say is that I do like the fact they are trying to move forward but I just don’t see why they made some of the changes. I’ve heard others like Sarah mention that some of the code has changed or at least some of the ways you were able to control things like the output of pages isn’t the same. Of course the final release might be ok so ill keep an eye on it for now but I hope it doesn’t change too much as upgrading a site would be such a pain and time consuming which is ok if you have enough time to do it.

I hope they continue to move WordPress forward to more of a cms with blog capabilities. I know there are many using it in this way including myself. I would also like to know if they are planning to update the way templates are used to be more like a cms. I know you can already choose a template for each page you write etc but if for example each template could have its own way of having widgets without being too complicated that would be very good. At the moment if you have multiple sidebars it can get a bit messy in the widget admin.

I would also like to see if they will enhance the way custom fields work, or at least how a user uses them. We shall see 🙂