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wordpress plugin

After reading Sarah’s blog and finding the wordpress plugin you can download there,  I decided to upgrade the plugin to be a widget.
It is such a simple but effective plugin idea I had to use it 🙂

By making it a widget you don’t have to insert any code into the template and you can control where it appears on your sidebar within the wordpress widget admin.

To install;

Download: Sarah has updated the plugin here

Then simply upload the others.php file into the plugin folder of your wordpress installation and also upload the cachetime.txt file into the root of your wordpress installation.

chmod the cachetime.txt file to be 766.
The plugin does try to create this file for you but as servers aren’t reliable it is best to do it yourself as it is so easy to do.

Login to your WordPress control panel and activate the plugin in the plugins page.

Finally go to presentation > widgets and drag the new widget to where you want in your sidebar – You are done!

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  1. Just thought I’d mention, I’ve updated the original plugin with a few new features, and I’ve also added the widget code for it now in the same file.


  2. Excellent! ill change the download link to point to your site so they can download the latest version.