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SCIL new website

The Funk House has been busy building websites and here is one of the recent sites to go live. The website uses WordPress as a CMS to allow the charity SCIL (Southampton Centre of Independent Living) to edit the website and manage the content from different departments.

SCIL is a democratic membership organisation run and controlled by Disabled People.  We are committed to campaign for the full civil and human rights of Disabled People whilst supporting Disabled People to make use of current provisions available to enable them to live independently.

This project was unique as unlike other projects under taken by The Funk House the charity themselves built the website and The Funk House was their to teach basic HTML and CSS while using WordPress. It was a very rewarding project and it was great to be able to help such a worthy charity.

Future developments will include adding the functionality to allow users to view the website in different contrasting colours for those with visual impairments. This will involve creating a new WordPress Plugin for the website.

EDIT: The site has now been upgraded to include the new WordPress plugin to allow the user to change the colours of the website to help them read the website. This will be published for the everyone to use very soon. With the addition of this plugin not only can the user change teh colour contrast of teh website they can also use the enlarge text plugin to make the text larger if they wish.

It is good to note that these are a nice feature but we need to make sure the user knows how to change these settings in their own browser. It is always good practice that if you have these widgets to also have a page to let the user know how to change them in the browser without the use of these widgets.