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WordPress Integration

Whether you want to start from scratch, already have an existing website, have a Photoshop file (PSD) with your design, the HTML all coded or just an idea, The FunkHouse can convert them to be a fully working WordPress website or theme.

We have been working with WordPress for many years now and WordPress has become one of the largest used platforms for building websites.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source blogging platform that has grown into a Content Management System. It provides us as developers many tools to design and develop a website that is unique to you and has all the features you need. It is always pushing the boundaries of what a website can do and is forward thinking with technology. With it being so popular there are many plugins out there that can do alot of what you want already so please ask no matter what the website you want to create, we can use an existing plugin or create one for you that will complete your goals.

Please useĀ the contact us form to give as much detail as possible for your website or project and we will do the rest.