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End Content

This plugin allows you to add content to the end of a post, page or both.

Download the End Content plugin


Nice and simple just unzip the zip file and upload the end-content folder into your plugins folder.

Login to your site and activate the plugin.


Under settings in the admin section of your site you will see a link named end-code.

Hopefully the settings are simple to use just one big text area for you to enter any html or plain text you would like to be added to the end of your content.

You can also type in PAGE_TITLE or THE_AUTHOR to show the page title or the author’s name.
If this is useful to anyone I may add some more tags for you to use in the content.

Then you can choose to have the content shown on pages, posts or both.
Simply tick the boxes.

If you would like to limit the pages or posts that the content shows up on you can type in the id of the posts category or the page id into the corresponding text boxes.

You can get the category id by going to the manage categories page and hovering the mouse over the link of the category. In the status bar you will see a link and at the end you will something like cat_ID=1 where the number 1 is the number you would type into the text box for the posts category you like the content to be shown on.

You can do the same for the pages you would like the content to be shown on. When hovering over the link on the manage pages page the link will have something like post=123 where 123 is the page id you type into the pages text box.

Of course if you want the content to be shown on all pages or posts then just leave the boxes blank.

You will notice a check box under the large text area, this is if you would like to use the default styling:

    display: block;
    float: left;
    clear: both;
    margin-bottom: 20px;
    padding-top: 10px;

Of course you can not tick the box and simply use your own styling.


Now all that is left is for you to use your imagination to think of what this could be used for.

Here are a few things you may like to use it for:

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Let me know what you think 🙂

Download the End Content plugin

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